Behavior and Obedience Online Trainer Course

Online Dog Trainer Course

This online dog trainer course is the online version of our in-depth Behavior and Obedience program. This course offers the flexibility of start date (there are no predetermined start dates) and self-determined pace of completion, a competitive tuition, but without the necessity of travel or lodging. This break-through program meets a need for those who wish to become a dog trainer on a professional level.

Our Online dog trainer course is much more than basic!  We are confident that there is no other online course out there that covers this wide range of dog trainer information!  As its name implies, the course majors in obedience training and the many facets of canine behavior, including how to diagnose and treat aggressive behavior.  It provides a reward-based, balanced approach to dog training.

Tuition is $3000 and your user account can be set up quickly after payment is made, usually the same day except for weekends or holidays. Financing is also available. Once your user account is created, there are no refunds.

The average time-span for this course is 6-8 weeks.  However students will have up to a 12 months to complete it.  Students not finished after 12 months will be given an Incomplete and no refunds.  Certification is granted when all course requirements have been met.

Graduates have said

“My biggest factor for deciding to attend DTC online rather than in-person was being able to work full-time at my current job while completing the course.”

“The assignments seemed very useful in the fact that they did not seem like just filler work, but like actual information that I will be able to use and provide to my training clients .”

“The canine aggression lesson specifically has proven to be very helpful for me personally as I was experiencing aggressions issues in my own dogs and was able to use some of the mentioned treatments to manage the behavior before it escalated further. I am so thankful you included that lesson in this course. We see a lot of “aggressive” (some people misjudge what is actual aggression) dogs in our area so I am eager to work with them when the time comes knowing that I have adequate knowledge on the subject.”

“I think the course does a wonderful job bridging the gap with an online course teaching a hands-on skill. To course and the Instructors do very well with making sure the handler is focused on the training, not just the theory. I felt that the lessons about directly handling dogs did great in filling in any gaps there may be.”

After stating how comprehensive the course is, a CA graduate had this to say, “The website was well-written, professional looking, and the courses were very detailed.”