Master Trainer Materials Needed

The student will need at least three dogs to work with, however more than three is preferred. One can be used for obedience work and service dog work. The second will need to be K9-caliber which can do detection work. One of these two will also need to do tracking/trailing work. The third is a dog to do the decoy/helper work that is not his/her own dog. Keep in mind that we can help by providing these dogs at a competitive price, if needed by the student. Some students purchase dogs for use during the course and then resell them once the dog is finished, to help recoup their tuition expenses.

Other equipment for the four segments of the course will include optional clicker, prong collar, E-collar, definitely a treat bag, 6′ leash, 20′-30′ long line, service dog harness, agitation harness, detection aids (synthetic or real), at least one tracklayer, tennis balls or tugs. For bitework, the student will need (either his own or from a friend) a compression sleeve and a bite suit. We will discuss these items and others during the course, where to purchase, where not to purchase, good options to consider, etc.