K9 Instructor Materials Needed

The K9 Instructor course certainly applies to working dog training. Items needed to train these skills and these types of dogs can be expensive.

  • A minimum of two dogs: one for trailing and/or detection and one for doing decoy/helper work.
  • Agitation harness for bitework and trailing.
  • Long line for trailing.
  • A bite sleeve: either puppy, intermediate, compression, and/or hidden – depending upon what stage of training the dog is that you will be using for the course.
  • Scent items for detection work. These can be purchased from various online vendors. Once you apply, let us know if you are interested in recommendations.

If you are having trouble acquiring solid working dogs for your course, we may have some available or on the way. Contact us for pricing and availability. We typically have German Shepherds and Malinois, and sometimes Labradors or German Shortair. Pricing varies according to age and the amount of training we have into the dog at the point of sale. For info on puppies, see our For Sale page.