Prerequisites for the Online Behavior/Obedience Dog Trainer Course

  • A willingness to learn.
  • A desire to train dogs on a professional level.
  • A proficiency in speaking, reading, and listening to the English language.
  • Sufficient physical and mental health for hands-on dog training.
  • A device enabled with high-speed internet access: i.e, desktop, laptop, handheld device.
  • The ability to video-share your training with our instructor/s: smartphone, camcorder, or other device.
  • At least two dogs available for training. However, more than two is preferred.

Items needed for training (such as leashes, treat bags, etc) are available for purchase through DTC and can be shipped directly to our online students. Contact us for current pricing, shipping, and availability.

There is a $200 non-refundable deposit towards your tuition when you apply. Again, this deposit is applied towards your tuition for the course. Payment in full is required after the application is reviewed and accepted, unless other financing options have been agreed upon. Financing is available through the Tuition Finance Corporation.

Apply today to receive professional trainer certification from the comfort of your own home!