K9 Instructor Online Course

Introducing a break-through program in K9 trainer training! This brand new course is available now! This is literally the only one of its kind worldwide! Apply today get your K9 trainer career in progress!

The Online version of our On-Site Police K9 Instructor course is now available in the comfort of your own home. This amazing course teaches world-class, relevant methods. Students learn how to train K9s for law enforcement, military, and security. Students can begin anytime after an online account is created…usually a day or two after enrollment. This course can be completed in as little as 6 weeks but access is granted for up to a year, so long as payment agreements are current.

Training K9s is obviously a very hands-on skill. And a rare skill. Therefore we do require students to gain hands-on proficiency even during this online course. We’re here to help with that!

Please note:  All students in this course will be involved as a decoy, helper, agitator.    This will include bite-work with dogs in real-life settings.  While safety measures will be in place, injury and/or death is a possibility.  Those who are unwilling to be involved in this element of training should not apply to the K9 Instructor course

Financing is available via the Tuition Finance Corporation. 50% of the tuition must be paid to the school as a down-payment. Depending upon credit score and other criteria, a monthly payment can be as low as $80/month. Students have up to 24 months to pay in full.* Student must first apply to the school (check yes on the application when asked if financing is needed). Upon acceptance, the school will initiate the contract via TFC.

Once your user account is created, there are no refunds.

*Delinquent accounts will merit loss of certification.