Cadaver Detection Online Course

This one-of-its-kind course is available now!

It includes all things cadaver and human remains, from selecting the right dog for the job, emergency first aid while on the search, water searches, successful handler techniques, and MUCH more! The information we have compiled in this course is like no other! If training cadaver/HRD dogs is your desire, then this course is for you!

Students will learn handling techniques, scent theory, search methods, basic/advanced obedience, proofing, alerting and how to conduct searches across any land terrain and water. All knowledge and skills necessary for a dog to complete a search will be covered, as well as first aid, distance directions, professional etiquette, and other skills. By exploring real-life situations, students will learn how to work with the cadaver dog and use the canine’s keen senses to resolve human remains investigations.

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